Our Uncle.

Created by Emma 6 months ago

My uncle Bill was such a lovely warm hearted man. He was private, proud and very stubborn just like my grandad. Back when he was a young boy he enjoyed listening to organ music with my grandad all while sitting in sheer silence as my grandad would give him what for if he made a noise.

As he obeyed many of my grandads strict rules my uncle Bill became a special police officer where he served many years alongside his full time job and BAE, until he was elected as Councillor Bill Evans for the Earnshaw bridge ward in 1995. This is where he really got stuck into his work and relished his role to ensure his community were a better place for all his constituents.

My mum had choosen my uncle to be my godfather when i were born and rightly so. He was always there to lend an ear or offer advice whenever I needed it right up to the end. 

When i had my eldest daughter, Bill always made time for her when we saw him along with my other two children when they were born. 

Many a times i would see him at my mum's (his little sister) and he'd often joke how rubbish my car were while he had just got a new one haha. He always offered advice and was always straight forward and to the point. 

Mine and my children's fondest memories of him are of leyalnd events such as leyland festival and Christmas light switch on. We always saw him towering above the crowds and again, always made time for us even if he were busy patrolling and ensuring everybody was safe. 

He always looked after his youngest sister Janet (pud) as she looked up and respected her big brother, he'd always rock up on Christmas Eve with the biggest turkey you had ever seen and and all the trimmings then tell us a little story about the turkey he had choosen for us to enjoy , every year we would invite him for Christmas to enjoy the Turkey and trimmings with us but he'd always refused and say he was working. 

I last saw him the week before his tragic death driving his pride and joy his BMW while he were concentrating on driving he looked over and popped his hand up in acknowledgement that he'd seen me. 

Bill will be very much missed by many but to myself, my children and my mum (his little sister) he leaves a much deeper hole in our hearts. We will never forget him nor his whitty ways and dry sense of humour. 

Uncle Bill, Rest in Eternal peace, until we meet again one day.