My big brother Billy

Created by Janet one month ago
its been 5 months since you passed and I still expect you ringing me like you used to any time after 9pm ..we miss you sooo much I looked up to you & respected you always..if I needed help you were there through good times & bad but we NEVER argued..we had fun times with the kim & Hayley & my two Rebecca & Emma who miss you too..we trying to stay strong but can't believe your not here anymore, I REMEMBER playing cricket,bow & arrows with you on the front & you helping me to ride a bike..I got the hang of it in the end you get to go anywhere you want to go in peace bro..I love you & miss you soo much, you were the only one I could talk to but now your constantly in my thoughts everyday wondering what fun your having up there meeting mum,dad,Peter,lesley,David, uncles,aunts grandparents  family gone by..THANK YOU Bill for being my ROCK over the years..3/8/1 always till we meet again (Janet (PUD))